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Head lice removal - easily get rid of head lice with nothing more than what you can find in your refrigerator!

Has your child or someone you know had a problem with head lice this summer? Here are some how-tos on dealing with them.

The spread of head lice can happen so easily! It doesn't mean the person is dirty, or cannot keep house if they happen to have caught this dreaded little pest.

Most schools keep a close eye on the spread of head lice, but while the little ones are home for the summer & in contact with lots of neighborhood friends, parents might want to keep their own watch.

About Head Lice:

Head lice are very small insects that feed & breed on the human scalp. Eggs (also called nits) look like white specks of dandruff that will not blow off the hair. They are mostly found behind the ears & the nape of the neck. Eggs will hatch within 6 days & will become mature within 10 days! Although lice normally live approx. 2 months, they can't live more than 2 days apart from the human head!  

Instead of spending money on expensive treatments, try this treatment you can make at home!

Apply a good amount of mayonnaise to the hair - let soak for a few hours - wash with shampoo - rinse with vinegar - comb with lice comb.

Put all pillow cases, stuffed animals, etc. into a sealed arbage bag for 2 weeks - then wash if possible.

* A friend of mine tried this, because her daughter could not get rid of the lice with store bought treatments & it worked wonderfully!