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Frugal How to Articles

I know that if you're like me, you want to do the best you can for your family, with the income that you already have. My goal is to share as many helpful ideas as I can with you to spark some creative thinking in your home!

Hoping you can glean many helpful nuggets throughout these pages.
Put in Your Own Well - Cheap! - Here is a wonderful article that teaches you how to put in your own well - for very little money! This information will save you thousands of $$!

Build Your Own Go Kart

Grow a Garden in a Laundry Basket

How-to Build Your Own Hand Pump

Making Butter - Follow this family as they make butter on the family farm!

Make a Ferro Cement Garden Bench - There is also a great example of an art piece!

How to Carve a Santa

Build Your Own 14ft Canoe

Build Your Own Garage!

How to make a miniature windmill

Make Your Own Lumber - Learn how to make your own lumber with a chain saw mill! Save a ton of money & be proud of your accomplishments!

Apples - How to store apples for a very long time!

The Homestead Greenhouse - Learn how this fellow put up an inexpensive greenhouse for his yearly seed starting! Get some great ideas for your own frugal greenhouse ;)

Vertical Log Studio - A single mom builds her own log studio!

Build Your Own Garden Pond For $4 or under! - Learn how to build a pond or watergarden, beautify your yard, and make your own garden eden!  by Pearl Sanborn

Build a cabin for under $2000 - Are you in need of a quick shelter, or maybe a nice getaway? Check out these plans for building a cabin for under $2000 in 3 weeks or less!

Build Your Own Dog Sled!

Toiletology - All the how-to information you'll need to fix those toilets! I was able to fix mine in less than 1 minute - the problem is, it has been broken for over 4 months! We've tried everything & thought we'd have to take out the wall - put in a new venting system & toilet!

Make your own white wash! - Brighten up your fence, barn, outbuildings, etc. with this easy to make mixture!

Pizza Box Solar Oven - Let your kids help out with tonights dinner - using their pizza box solar oven!

Sundial - Help your kids learn about time telling history! While you're at it, make a grown up version!

Saving money cooking in a thermos bottle! - Are you looking for ways to save money - or to be able to cook should the electric go out? Here's a great idea that has been around for a while, but now is the time to take it a bit more seriously.

Homemade Moccasins - Step by step learn the process of making your own moccasins!

Raising catfish in a barrel - If you've ever thought of raising your own meat, why not try this inexpensive way to raise fish!

Backyard Fish Farm - Looking to raise food for your family, or make some extra money from your back yard? Take a look into this idea of raising fish - it's easier than you might think!

Corn & Beans the wonder food - Great family meals quick, easy, and dirt cheap!

The perfect 3.3 cent breakfast - Folks this is cheap, hearty chow for pennies!

Rainwater & Harvesting System - Here's a great article on collecting your rainwater.

Build a sunflower house for your kids - This is a great project that will be remembered for a lifetime!

In Context - A great selection of articles on gardening.

Huge list of articles & websites - All dealing with survival skills!

Solar Articles for Homemade Power! - Learn how to produce your own solar power! You'll find lots of articles & a free newsletter too!

Energy Source Builder Newsletter - A plethora of building articles! An archived list of the newsletter articles gives you an a a glance view of the offerings. You will definitely find answers to your building questions here!

How to build a petal powered water pump!

Backwoods Home Magazine - A large collection of articles from the magazine (now over 100!). A great print source for you to have in your collection!