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Frugal Tips - Great Ideas For Frugal Living

Cooking - Keep cooking ingredients (oats,sugar,spices) out in view, this way you’ll want to cook more ;) Use decorative containers, and it adds to the decor of the kitchen.

Tidy - Keep a pretty dishcloth handy. When company pops in, throw it over your sink full of dishes. It actually adds to the appearance of the room. (use this same idea for in view laundry)

Dish soap - Buy your wet food in pretty containers. Vinegar, oil, and sauces often come in attractive glass jars. Keep your plastic soap bottle top, pour your soap into one of these containers, and screw on the pour spout! Everyone will be asking where you got your beautiful soap container!

Lemons - Store whole lemons in a jar of water in the fridge. They will yield a lot more juice this way.

Candles - Chill for 24 hours before using, they burn longer & don’t drip.

Windows - Wash them with a rag dipped in 1 quart of water & 1 tab cornstarch. This makes windows, and mirrors sparkle!

Garden - Stamp a few mothballs into the ground to keep dogs away.

Mess saver - To make crumbs - bread, graham, place in a ziplock bag, then roll with rolling pin. * Of  course rinse and reuse it ;)

Clean-up - Rub grater with oil before using it, then it will wipe clean.

Odors - To take foul odors out of plastic containers, fill with black & white newspaper, cover overnight.

Sinks - To clean out stains, line bottom with paper towels, them pour on bleach. Let stand for 1/2 an hour, then wipe clean.

Sinks - To remove water spots from stainless steel, wipe with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar.

Soap - If you buy bars of soap that are rectangular instead of curved, cut them in half crossways because then they won't break in half before they're worn down. ~ James p
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