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Frugal Tips - Great Ideas For Frugal Living

Glass - If you have a small scratch, rub in a little toothpaste. This usually takes it out.

Wood - For dents in wood, place a wet rag on the spot, then use an iron on it. The heat & moisture raises the grain.

Buttons - Sew on with dental floss they will stay on a LONG time!

Patterns - Keep from ripping, and getting wrinkled by spraying them with spray starch.

Oil spills - Garage floors, driveways, basements, etc.. often get oil spills on them. Lay several layers of newspaper on it, saturate with water, press flat, when dry lift, and spots are gone.

Carpet - Use a fork to fluff up nap carpets.

Wood - When paper is stuck to wood, don’t scratch with a knife, apply oil, wait a sec & wipe clean.

Screws - They go in easier if you first screw them into a bar of soap.

Rugs - Freshen up throw rugs by tossing them into a dryer on low heat. The dirt will come out, and you will never have to beat another rug!

Carpet - To clean ink marks, saturate the spot with hairspray, allow to dry, then brush lightly with a solution of water and vinegar.

Rugs - When braided rugs come apart, use clear fabric glue instead of sewing for quick - and easy repair!

Carpet - To repair a spot on your carpet, take a fiber from a spot that can’t be seen (under couch, under floor molding etc..), then use hot glue to put in place.

Dusting - Stretch a used stocking over your dust mop. When your done remove, and you have a clean mop.

Floors - Protect your floors by cutting small circles of felt (scraps) and gluing them to the bottom of your furniture & chairs.

Scratch - Got a scratch in your furniture? Make a paste of instant coffee & water. This works well!

Onions - Once used and cut in half, rub the leftover side with butter. This way it will keep fresh longer.

Cheese - Keep in vinegar dampened cloth to keep from drying out.

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