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Frugal Tips - Great Ideas For Frugal Living

Broken lipstick - Melt both ends with a match, then cool.

- For a clogged showerhead, soak in vinegar & water.

Shower curtain - To clean your shower curtain, throw into wash with bath towels, and add a cup of vinegar to the normal wash.

Glass shower doors - Clean soap scum with a cloth & warm vinegar.

***** Ever notice how many things can be done with vinegar & baking soda? =) ****

Steamed mirror - If you have a cabinet with 2 mirror doors, slide 1 open before you shower. When you’re done you’ll have 1 clear mirror.

Steam - If you run an inch of cold water before you run your hot bath, there will be no steam in the room!

Leak - Fix a vase, bottle, etc... by coating it with paraffin wax.

Studs - Find them with a compass - usually when the needle moves.

Spots - For laundry 2 parts water, and 1 part rubbing alcohol are the basic ingredients of commercial spot removers.

White socks - Get really white socks by boiling them in water with a lemon slice.

Creases - To prevent creases in garments hung on hangers, take a paper towel roll (empty) make a cut lengthwise. Slip it over the bottom of the hanger. The round edge prevents a crease.

Collars - For soiled collars, brush a bit of shampoo into stain. Shampoos are made to dissolve body oils.

Ironing - Have you seen the infomercial about the reflecting ironing board? Well it cuts your time in half, because you iron both sides at 1 time. Save yourself $40.00! Line your board with heavy duty aluminum foil, then put your cover on. The heat will reflect off of the foil to iron the backside of your garments !

Embroidery - Iron embroidery upside down on a pile towel - this gets to all the little in-between parts.

Windows - Use newspaper instead of toweling - no lint.

Table - One day I used toothpaste to get out a stain in my enamel-top table. After I saw the beautiful clean spot, I had to do the whole thing! What a beautiful job!

Shades - Use clear nail-polish on small rips. *This works on lots of things including window screens.

Holes - On small holes in the wall, use a dab of toothpaste, then (if a different color) touch-up.

Paint - When you paint inside, always put a small amount in a nail polish jar, baby food jar, or small container, and label the area of the house. Whenever you need to do a quick touch-up, you’ll have it handy in a work drawer.

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