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Frugal Tips - Great Ideas For Frugal Living

WD-40 will take off almost any residue from stickers on glass & other surfaces!

Bags secure - Always keep a bunch of clothes pins in your cupboard, they're very handy for turning down bags, cereal, snacks, etc...

Scuffs - Use nail polish remover to remove scuffs from shoes! My little beauty queen scuffed her brand new shoes this week & this worked great!

Quilts - This week I put out a quilt to dry on the line - it rained - so it stayed on for 1 more day. The next day when I took it off the line, I noticed that the side facing the sun had faded!!! I was not a happy camper! But all is not lost! I've passed this tip to you - so you will never have a bad quilt day;) Morel? Always hang a quilt to dry top side down! Even though it's prettier the other way - if you don't - it will not be so pretty the next time!

Rusty Bolts - To loosen rusty things, apply a cloth soaked in any carbonated drink.

Sandpaper - If you dampen the back a little it will not dry out as bad, and last longer.

Rule!- When trying to loosen, or tighten anything it’s Lefty loosey  - Righty tighty **About 98% of bolts and screws have a right hand thread, but if it is a left hand thread, it will usually be marked by small notches midway down the nut. For an example of this, check your LP gas or propane BBQ tank. Also, there is the "Right Hand Rule." This is a good for nuts and bolts that may be in odd positions, facing away, upside down, etc. To do this simply give a "Thumbs Up" sign, point your thumb in the direction you want the nut/bolt to go and turn in the direction that your curled fingers are pointing.

Sticky drawers - Rub with a bar of soap, or candle, or bar of paraffin wax.

Nail holes - In areas where nail holes are not allowed in walls, use sewing needles - they hold up to 30 lbs.

Sunburn - Apple cider vinegar takes the pinkness, and pain away.

Shine - For shiner hair, use (blondes) lemon juice - (reds & brunettes) apple cider vinegar. This takes off the soap film, and shines up hair.

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