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22. If your hand warmer came without a bag or the bag has been lost, replace the bag with a sock.

23. A length of chain and a piece of coat hanger bent into an S-shape will allow you to hang your lantern from a tree limb.

24. Use a cookie tin as a dutch oven.

25. Keep batteries in an appropriate size prescription bottle to insure that they cannot run themselves down by accident.

26. Prescription bottles make good match safes.

27. Prescription bottles or 35mm file containers make good storage places for small items.

28. Grills from old ovens can be used for fire grills, refrigerator shelves cannot be used as they will release toxic gasses when heated.

29. A frisbee will add support to paper plates when the plate is place inside the frisbee.

30. Make a camp washing machine from a five gallon bucket and a toilet plunger.

31. Placing a plastic garbage bag over logs in a triangle will create a wash basin.

32. Making a slit in a trash bag large enough to let your head through will make an emergency poncho.

33. Laundry lint makes good tinder.

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