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Need to store can goods and other food but short on space?

Finding space for food storage can be a real problem in the modern kitchen.

Here are a few ideas to help you find new places to stash your goods!

Stack cases of can goods - cover with a square of wood or heavy cardboard (slightly larger than cases) then top with a piece of fabric (I like to add a lace doily, or a 2nd coordinating fabric).

You can have the unit serve as an end table or night stand. As you use the cans & it gets shorter, use it as a coffee table!

You'll be surprised how many cans of food you can store this way - I've heard of over 290 in 1 single unit!

You could also use this same technique to make entry tables, or long couch tables.

According to what type of fabric you use, you could have a piece that is very formal, or very country!

I've also seen plastic trash cans used to store food. Just leave the top of (because they are not flat in the center), and add a square of wood and the fabric as described above!

The space behind a door could also be utilized. You could simply build narrow shelves right behind a door - large enough to accommodate rows of canned goods.