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74. Make a survival fishing kit out of an empty 35mm film cannister. Wrap fishing line around a small empty thread spool. Tie the end to a fishhook, and place in the cannister. When ready to use, take the spool of line out. Lay the line across the opening of the cannister and snap the lid back on for use as a bobber.

75. Make a fish scaler by nailing metal bottle caps to a wood block. Scrape against side of fish against direction of scales.

76. Make a flag stand using a 2 pound coffee can filled with cement. To make hold, wrap flag pole in wax paper.

77. To conserve rope, mark each length of rope with a distinctive colour and make a rule that the rope is never cut.

78. A rope tied to a bleach bottle with an inch of water in it will make an effective water rescue throw line.

79. Save inner cardboard tubes from kitchen and toilet rolls, stuff with waste paper and use as fire-lighters.

80. Cut a rubber glove, when discarded, into thin strips to create varied rubber bands.

81. Did you know that the egg whites left in empty egg shells makes good glue ? Use it for scrapbooks, etc.

82. When using a bucket for a messy job, line it with a plastic bag which can be thrown away afterwards.

The original file for these low-cost equipment/ideas/fixes for Scouting and camping in general was originally found on a F-Net Scouting board and was reposted on Fidonet on Nov 11/92 by Steve Simmons. The file evidently originated with BSA Troop 886 in the USA.

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