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55. The little plastic tags from bread and bun packages are great for pinning up wet bathing suits and towels at camp, and they take up a lot less packing space than clothespins.

56. To protect your feet from blisters, smear soap on the inside of your inner sock at the heel and underneath the toes. Carry along a bar of soap and, when you feel your feet become tender, give it a try.

57. Wear nylon footies next to your feet to help prevent blisters.

58. To keep mosquitoes away rub the inside of an orange peel on face, arms and legs.

59. Waxed-paper milk cartons have several lives left in them after the milk is gone:

- make a drinking cup by cutting off the carton about three inches from the bottom.

- make a water scoop by cutting off the top.

- cut a container into slivers, wrap them in plastic and put them in your pocket for emergency kindling on a camping or hiking trip.

- make a leak-proof mini-garbage can by opening up the top of the container and putting in your scraps.

60. Discarded roll on deodorant bottles make an excellent insect repellent applicator because it enables you to keep 'bug dope' off your hands and out of your eyes. Snap off the plastic top or snap out the ball, rinse out the bottle and refill with your favourite liquid repellant.

61. Make handy fire-starters by filling egg carton cups with lint from the dryer and pouring melted paraffin over the lint. Break the cup off to start each fire.

62. Keep your toilet roll dry by packing it in a coffee tine with a snap-on lid.

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