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9. Plastic bottles can be used for canteens. Make sure the lid does not leak before using in a backpack.

10. The pins which hold the backpack and shoulder straps to the frame can be replaced with a small piece of coat hanger threaded through the hole and twisted around itself.

11. Twist ties can be used to hold up another tarp from your dining fly to form a wind screen.

12. A small automotive water hose clamp can be used as a stop for your dining fly's upright poles.

13. Drill a hole in the bottom of nested poles and put a screw in to stop inner poles from sliding out.

14. Short lengths of coat hanger or wire can be threadd through the holes and springs of the summer camp cots to replace the missing springs.

15. Carry several pieces of lumber cut into 2 inch squares to summer camp and use these to level platform, tent and cot.

16. If for health reasons you must sleep on a cot in cold weather insulate yourself from the cold air under the cot with several layers of newspaper.

17. Old shower curtains make great ground clothes.

18. Make a double boiler for melting paraffin from a 1 lb. coffee can and a 2 lb. coffee can. Bend a coat hanger so it will support the 1 lb. coffee can inside the 2 lb. can. Pour some water in the 2 lb. can and put the paraffin in the 1 lb. can.

19.Waterproof matches by dipping in melted paraffin.

20. Make fire starters by filling paper condiment cups with saw dust and pouring paraffin into the cup.

21. Put matches in corrugated cardboard strips (about every other hole) and dip into paraffin for fire starters. Cut off what you need to start a fire.

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